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after a it and runnin brooklyn hhpppned ritchie highway near caarose vehicle is a 1997 to 2205 l pontiac montana ikeethis one.... or a chevrolet venture may have damage to the passenger ide, the front headlight, and the windshield.anyone with arundel county lice.all anne and bltimore police need your &phelp finding the man in this surveillance photo.he's wanted in conneccion with a sex october 211t at the famill dollar on potee ssreet.the sussect may have two gold tteth.... one engravee with the letter "j." anyone withh information should call police. police need your help finding a missing man. mmn.65 year old ronald brown was last seen on thursday on sufffrs from dementia... and pounds.he left hisshome priving a blue 2012 hyundai sonata with a marylann tag 4-a-k-2-5-5-0...and as last seee wearing a yellow jackkt, &pgreee shirt and black paats.i &p9-1-1. 3 america's argest transit system has resumed partial serviie in the aftermath of sandy.storm sandy. p new york city's subway system resumed partial service althoogh not yet fully -re - operaa
you about as breaking news last night on abc2 news at 11. a woman hit while walking on ritchie highway has died. she was hit by a pickup truck. police say the pedestrian error is the cause. it was dark at the time and nick was not using a crosswalk. police are exploring the possibility as to whether tinted windows affected the driver. >>> city fire officials said a fire broke out at a house in east baltimore in the 400 block of montford avenue. they found a baby suffering from smoke inhalation and burns. all three people were take on it area hospitals. >> firefighters struggle to contain a fire in glen burnie. this went to two alarm. the building a commercial structure, vacant at the time. they believe this was an auto repair shop. crews had to stay out and bat tell from the exterior. >> the fire was through the roof. the roof caved. the biggest danger is having a roof cave in while they're inside. we put water in from the exterior. >> the building was heavily damaged but no one was injured. >> president obama had the first face-to-face meeting with congressional leaders about that loo
diegel thursday... as he walked along ritchie highway.investigators say her van has damage consistent with - the hit and run.diegel is in critical cooddtion at shock trauma. 3 super storm sandy hit maryland a week ago... but many people lliinn in the western part of the ssate... are stiil in ccean-up mode. mode.about 95-percent of statt anddcounty roads n garrett 3 last niiht... moreethan fivv- thousand peoppe were still without power.members of the - maayland army national guard led search and rescue -3 operations ooer the weekend... - helppng with stranded cars and ccordinating recovery effoott. more than 0-inchhs offsnoo ffll in parts of garrett county during the storm.. 3 25 maryland state ttoopers are -3 in new jersey to help with the &precovery fforts..the group left yesterday from the j-f-k &phighway barrack in & perryville... headed for fort dix, new jerree.the troopers who volunteered for the assignment... havv expertise in areas that include canine tracking, search and rescue, underwater recooery and marine operrtions. 3 president obama is hel
towards 70. so the looks good as he traveled in from 29. 50 at ritchie highway, no problems to report at the bay bridge. tunnel traffic checks out ok. coming down and we are problem free up for the baltimore region. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a mother is recovering following a home invasion tuesday night. >> her sons were killed in the incident. police responded to west lafayette in west baltimore. two brothers and their mother or suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. police are looking for several suspects. >> we do not believe this wasn't random incident appeared there were believed to be 3 or four suspects that flat. we're asking for the public for any information they have to please call 911 or our homicide detectives. >> the brothers died at shock trauma. there was a shooting at northeast baltimore. officers found an adult male suffering gunshot wounds. >> a father brought a gun to a meeting at his son's school. he went inside the academy in handed with a .22 caliber gun. the cab driver noticed the gun and reported it to police. at house fire in lake shore. this
with attempted murder.police say he and his girlfrienn were living in a wooded area along &pritchie highway in brooklyn park.they ggt into an aagument monday... and police say he assaultee her... dragging her was taken to the hospital in stable conditioo. 3 baltimore's speed camera two years old.....and has already generated millions in r. revenue. and its also generated ttousands of has uncovered the lattst round with aa explanatton, jeff...... despite a growing number of mistakes, the city insist speed cameras have mmde butt here's a growing call - prom critics who say speed cameras are nothing more than "scam-eras'.... &pcenter around a camera on col spring lane across from poll wessernnhigh school. for months, its been ccting truckers and bus drivers for travvlling far fasser than the city is now probing,, what it calls, "abnormml readings" frommthat radar.... are forced to fiiht the tickets in court....they're fuming. (16:53:13) "if he &pelected ooficials aae aware that thee're stealing from "....they may need the revenue but ot 40-dollars a time from people who nee
cake and sand -- invited to have cake and sandwiches this well at restaurant on ritchie highway this morning. >>> the man suspect in rape cases says he doesn't know why he couldn't stop attacking women for nearly 20 years. aaron thomas told the washington post women were objects to him and he says he doesn't think he is crazy but knows something is wrong with him. thomas is expected to plead guilty to the abduction of three well in 2009 and a rape in 2001. he was arrested after a multistate effort to cap him. he is the man believed -- catch him. he is believed to be responsible for attacks on 17 women since 1997 including four here in maryland. >>> late night shooting at taco bell in columbia over the weekend still police have no one in custody. manager who is not being named remains in critical condition this morning. howard county police say that there were two men in the parking lot who came up to him and for some reason they started shooting. he made it back into the restaurant where two employees called 911. the taco bell has -- was opened on sunday evening and customers th
:00 tonight right here in the 3100 block of ritchie highway. the victim is 60 years old. she was hit by a car right near the fire house. firefighters noticed her body. she was taken to harbor hospital. we do not know her name. >>> he says he's no hero. it was all about self- preservation. >> joe appleby retired july 1st. when he -- he's still more than willing to protect and serve. >> the times i've looked down the wrong end of a barrel. >> then it was part of a job. friday the retired state trooper was called to action again. >> i made it about 3 or 4 feet when i happen to see this guy. he was standing just around the corner the front counter. he was dressed head to foot like a ski outfit. i pulled out whatever i had in my pocket cash, look just take the money and go. >> appleby didn't know he already told the robber she had more cash in the back. she was stalling waiting for police. 13 of his 28 years on the job appleby spent special attack assault team. that little switch clicks in you and you do what you've been trained to do. >> once he was in the back along with the cashier, another cu
... ritchie highway... nnar... camrose avenue....//police... are... still searchhnn... for the driver. driver.police... beeieve... the vehhcle... is a 1997... to 2005... pontiac montana ... like this one..../ or... a... chevrolet venttre... minnvan....//.it... &pthe passenger ssdee../ ,, he... and... the windshield...///.anyone ... information.../ call... anne rundel... county police. baltimore police... need your pelp... ffnding the man... in thisssurveillance phhto...///. he's... wanteddin connection... with aasexx offfnse... invvlving... a... 6- year-old child....//.police... 21st the family dollar ...on... potee strret....// the... suspect... may have... oneeengravedd...with the letterr"j.".../// anyone.. with nformation should ccll fox45... teams...up.... with... the... most popular... crime... on--llinn...///"spotcrime" ... trrcks... criminal activitt... neighborhood..../// get... e--mmils... when crime happens....//.sign up... by... going... too.... fox- baltiiorr doo com../.click.... p on... at... the top of the screen baltimore city f
... it and run ... inn.. brooklyn park../.it... happened... thursday... on... ritchie highway.../ police... think... the vehicle... is a... pontiac montana .... like ttis..../ or... a... chevy venture....miiivan...///. it... mayy.. hav passenger side.../ , the... front... headlight, / pnd... the windshield...///. anyone ... with information.../ shoull... caal... anne arundel... county police. 12-yyar-old... is... accused of... bringing two guns... to... an... eegewater schooo...//. in... ... letter sent to parents thuusday, .... school... said.. tww students... reported seeing... ggn....// a... bb guun.. nd...... "air-soft"... ppstol.../. were found... in... his lockerr../ police... say... e threaaened... one... other student, .../ noo.. &pone... was injured..../ thh... boy... faces...juveniie charges. 3 3 a... few peeple ... tonight ... after... .... there. less than... 500--- since... sandy.... knockeddout power, .../ b-g
to the fog we are dealing with a crash on 695 blocking the off-ramp to northbound ritchie highway many in parkville outer loop stop and go from harford to providence and we have a crash on east joppa road at summit oak. traveling in mount vernon roads shut down for the big veteran's day parade. charles street will be closed from fayette to monument street and gay street from day fayette to falls way. that's the traffic megan and charley over to you. >>> more news weather and traffic coming up in ahalf- hour. >> thanks to the veterans more news on have great day. ♪ >>> and lara takes the court. >> yeah. >> she looked ready. [ laughter ] >> but why was josh laughing? >> when you see andre agassi do this at you, you run! [ laughter ] [ bleep ]. >> and why is she gets so frustrated? >> i guess -- >> and embarrassed right now. >> you handled yourself very well there. josh, i hope you're proud of yourself. >> is this the greatest punk ever? we're going to play that over the next few days. >> now, i'm in enjoyment. >> you don't look to be very conflicted on that tape? >> no, n
and traffic pulse 11. >> there are closures already in the city. mark don ritchie highway, the ramp is shut down due to an accident east joppa road and oak summit avenue, watch for an accident. closures in effect on charles and 21st. that is due to the water main break repairs. in a live traffic, watch for a backup to ritchie highway -- inner loop traffic, watch for a backup to ritchie highway. in a little further south, you will see more fog as you get closer to padonia. reduced visibility is expected further south. >> there is patchy, thick fog out there. visibility might be to a quarter mile in some spots. we are watching rain out of the ohio valley. it should state dry during the day today. increasing clouds, a chance for rain early to nine. high temperatures are going to make it into the mid-60's. clearing up in the afternoon, breezy and cool, high temperatures in the upper 30's. temperatures in the upper 30's. so, if the mint makes this hot chocolate cool, does the mint hot chocolate make me cool? not really. mint hot chocolate from dunkin' donuts. grab the cool sensation of mint toda
, prior to exit, watch for delays. ritchie highway, watch for an accident. delays wrapping the area are falling into place. j.f.x. southbound into 28 street, and kenwood avenue, watch for an accident. guilford avenue, madison it monument, water main break repairs. no significant delays just prior to the bill wyeth, but on marriottsville to its 29, you will find delays. in the area of st. margaret's -- actually, they have changed it to the harrisburg expressway because we have delays there as well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. over to you, tony. >> nothing going on weather- wise. it is cold, though. 27 in frederick, 35 in parkton. it will still be chilly, but not much of a breeze. high-temperature about 49 this afternoon. seven-day forecast going into the weekend, the clouds will thicken up a little bit. high temperatures in the 50's. >>> from matt damon to bradley cooper, the last five years of the sexiest man alive right there, so the question this morning, who will be "people's" pick this time around? we will reveal it to the world in just a bit. i'm savannah guthrie al
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12